I’ll try to keep this short –

I’m Michelle and I’m an “artist” by nature-  Always have been.   I love it in every form and most of it comes naturally to me.   I’ve drawn, painted, crocheted,  done photography, and now the biggest is sewing.   You’ll see a lot of sewing from me.    I also love all things pirates and skulls-  not really sure where that came from- maybe the Poppin Pirate toy I got in a happy meal in elementary school? Either way, it stuck.

I’m happily married to my complete opposite.  He’s a factual brain who needs order and I pretty much thrive in chaos. I’m not sure how,  but we make it work and he’s my true best friend.   We have two amazing boys that are crazy full of energy.   I started sewing because of them.   I wanted to cloth diaper my first and try to save some money by making my own stuff.  It exploded from there.

Currently- I’m a WAHM with an ETSY shop that is focused on baby skull and pirate clothing.  I also love to pattern test and sew up fabrics for small businesses in my sewing community-  It’s a way for me to branch out and be creative.    It also feeds the photographer in me as I get to take pictures of what I make to help support those businesses!  I’m also a massage therapist!

Basically-  I work a lot, don’t sleep enough, say I’m going to slow down but never do, and at the end of the day my main goal is to successfully raise my sons into decent humans.   Oh and I live on coffee.  My brain always has “too many tabs open” as my husband would say- which absolutely mirrors my desktop.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings, tutorials, and more!  I’m a pretty open book so feel free to ask anything.