Dinocorn Majesty!

I know it’s been awhile and I’ll try to get better but I couldn’t resist writing about this newest pre-order.    Smoogie Fabric and Design has done it again with a beautiful majestic Dinocorn and LLW2 collection!   Let’s start with Dinocorns-

Seriously-  is there a better combination…?  A T-Rex and a Unicorn!!   You heard it right.   So in honor of this majestic round I needed to go big and pull out the T-Rex costume.  Now-  My kid thinks I’m insane but it was so worth it.   Look at this amazing Minky blanket topper!


Epic right??  There are even panty and boxer wear panels that say “Majestic AF”   Everyone needs those!

Next, I was able to sew up some amazing Bamboo Dinocorns!   It’ll be my go-to for summer time.   Bamboo is so soft with tons of drape and really breathable.  Plus the colors always look great!  It’s like the DBP of summer.   Although it doesn’t have the recovery that DBP does so if you are going to do something that needs recovery I usually pair it with DBP for the stability aspect.   I used the Striped Swallow Designs Sundown Tank.


Love love love the back of this!

I have some more from this round I’m still working on sewing and will be adding to this blog but until then make sure you get your Pre-orders in before it closes on June 1st!!  Check it all out here!

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