Fireman, Ninjas, and floral animals oh my!

Rockerbye Destash Fabrics has done it again!!  Another amazing fabric pre-order round is up for grabs!   I have no idea how she does it, but every time its magic.   I’m just so lucky I get to sew for her.   As always, all her prints come in Cotton Lycra, Gauze, and two bonus bases this round.   She has panels, main prints, coordinates, panty panel sets, and even combos of all of the above.  So many options it’ll make your head spin!

Let’s start with what is probably my favorite theme of this round-  Fireman! My oldest son Sullivan is OBSESSED with firefighters right now.  He loves the show Fireman Sam and will ride around on his bike (fire truck) putting out fires all day long.   So obviously I was really excited to be able to sew him up a fireman outfit.   I love that it’s not your traditional fireman colors but kind of a new fun twist with tons of coordinates.   For the pants pattern, I used the Brindille and Twig Side Pocket Pant.   They have nice big pockets to store all the firetrucks he could want! If you’ve never shopped with Brindille and Twig that link will give you 15% off your first order! The top is actually a blank I appliqued on :).   Look how cute he is!?!  And these prints have the most amazing detail.

Of course,  I also had to make a pair of SUAT boxers .   I’ll get some flats of the front soon.  I added some fun vinyl ;).


Next up-  Ninjas!!   Since Sully got the Fireman- E, of course, got the Ninjas!   These are the cutest ninjas ever and they come with some pretty amazing coordinates.  I love the 80’s vibe it gives off.  Ninjas and coordinates come in yellow, red, or pink!!   I also used some amazing custom variegated from Fabric Anthropology to add an extra pop of color and am in love with the results. Sorry, you get a million photos but he’s cute- at least I think so!


Now Ninjas aren’t just for the kiddos-  Check out these amazing double gauze ninjas that I made into Patterns for Pirates Palazzo Pants.  I did do a little adjusting as the pattern is made for knits and gauze is woven.   I just made sure to take my seated hip measurement which fell between my normal hip size and the next size up so I just sized up one size from my regular.  So cute, comfy, and will be perfect for spring and summer with how light and flowy it is!  You could also use a pajama bottom pattern but I loved the yoga waistband and extra little flare of these.  P.S.  In case you were wondering- you can still totally do all then ninja moves you want in these!

Obviously, there is a boatload of amazingness to be had!  Here are a few of the other prints that are running including panty panels.


The pre-order round closes on the 27th so make sure you head over to Rockerbye Destash and get those orders in so you don’t end up with a firetruck full of regret.  Funny?? Nah?? okay well just don’t forget to order!   As always thanks for reading ❤ ❤

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