All my Pirate Fabric Dreams come true!

Guys.  GUYS.  NO SERIOUSLY GUYSSSSSS.  I’m obsessed.   After pestering the amazing owner of Smoogie Fabric and Design for long enough-  She finally put out the most amazing pirate nautical pre-order round you could ever dream off!!!  Of course, I asked her to send me all the strike-offs to sew up but I had to share the wealth.  I will, however, show you the ones I have sewn!  I’m still sewing so I’ll add more as I do but let’s start with this.

Kraken Minky Blanket Topper.   Enough said.  It’s pure amazingness.  So easy to sew too! I backed it with some faux fur and used this kind of ropish fringe I found (both at Joann’s) for an awesome nautical look!   You better believe my Pirate Buddy helped model! 😉  Could this blanket be any cooler?? It’s so soft, snuggly, and huge!! There is also an amazing mermaid as well as a few others.


Next up, this frankly bad ass print!  I got it in the luscious bamboo lycra (which is crazy soft, cool, and has incredible drape) as I knew it needed to be a dress.  I used the Patterns for Pirates Take the Plunge Swimsuit mashed with the Patterns for Pirates Boundless Dress for this super cute nursing friendly dress.   I followed the tutorial on their Blog.  I was really nervous but it actually came together perfectly!  A little more labor intensive but so worth it!

Next up we have naughty boxer wear panels!  These panels are fantastic! They come in a set of two and each panel is enough to get one pair of boxers out of.  You may need to use elastic or different bands as you can see I did here but in general, you can get a full pair.  Not sure why but naughty boxer wear makes me giggle so it was fun.   I used the Stitch Upon a Time Boxerwear for this.


I also sewed the amazing Panty Panels but I’ll spare you those modeled pictures and grab flats soon! 😉  For now here is the listing photo-


I’ve got a few more I’m sewing up and will have pictures for you all soon.   No matter what you do not want to miss this and it’s closing soon!!  So head on over to Smoogie Fabric and Design and fulfill your pirate destiny by getting lots of fabric booty! Closing on the 30th! Happy sewing and plundering!


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