Sew Haunted

I’m so thrilled I finally get to share these photos!!   This was a project from back close to Halloween and the fabric pre-order got pushed out.   So, without any further delay, I present to you RP Custom Fabrics Haunted Mansion Inspired Print ! Open for pre-order from 3/15 to 3/30.



Obviously, I was inspired and had a blast shooting this.  For the sewing part I mashed the Patterns For Pirates Wiggle Dress Top with Peekaboo Patterns Skater Skirt and added a band in-between.   I was going for a little Victorian Masquerade Ball feel to match the feelings I got from the Haunted Mansion.  It came together beautifully.  Almost exactly how I pictured after I added in my tulle underskirt!


Once finished, I headed up the mountain to our local Pittock Mansion.  I’d never been there before so I didn’t really know what to expect.  It was fairly early so I figured it wouldn’t be too busy….. well turns out I was wrong.  It was very busy and kept getting busier but I made the trip so I had to get the photos.   Obviously not thinking clearly, I didn’t grab my wide angle lens.  So between that, the giant mansion I tried to get the background, my clicker with low distance range, and a ton of people staring at me, it made for an interesting shoot, to say the least.   I literally had to click and run in heels (in wet grass I might add) to try to get far enough away before it snapped the picture.  Thankfully, the photo and sewing God’s were shining on me though because I managed to get most shots without people and the most perfect haunted looking fog rolled in over the mansion.  All of the fog in the photos is totally real!

In summary- thank you for letting me share this with you all.   Having my love for sewing and photography come together is one of the best feelings.  This dress and photoshoot put me over the moon.  No matter how many people stared at me…. and believe me, I got a lot of funny looks, it was worth it.  Now, don’t forget to head on over the RP custom fabrics to see the other “Disney Dress Shop” inspired prints and grab your pre-order before it closes!

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