When a Coordinate Steals the Show!


The Fabric- So generally in the custom fabric world there is the main print and then a coordinate to go with it.  I tend to be drawn to coordinates often and this one, I absolutely fell in love with.   Fabric Anthropology is running a seriously awesome Dino Trux round!  Full of all your favorite Dino Trux characters for the kiddos and this amazing coordinate for you! ( I supposed the kids too- and of course, you can have Dino Trux for yourself but you get my point).   The prints are open for pre-order until March 3rd and are running on 3 high-quality bases including Cotton Lycra, Brushed Poly, and French Terry.  The coordinate print (the yellow, metal, oil splatter one) I used for this jacket is cotton lycra and the rest is made up of pleather, french terry, and quilted knit.


The Pattern- I was so inspired by the fabric I knew I wanted to something new and different, so I decided to try my hand at the Jordis  , which by the way when I purchased it they did not have an English translated one so I relied on google translate.  Lucky for you, I just found out they do!  Not so lucky for me but oh well-  I survived…. barely.   The Jordis is fully lined and obviously an amazing pattern but has a ton of moving parts! My sewing mojo must have been off because I fought with it tooth and nail.  In the end, I conquered it and the results are worth it! (Just don’t look too close or you might find a zipper inside out as well as grommets facing inwards, just to name a few of my many mistakes) If you are up for a challenge I would absolutely recommend you give this pattern a shot!   A few tips for sewing German Patterns-  Don’t forget to print on A4 paper in A4 format, Don’t forget to add seam allowance, this pattern was 67 pages long so if you can get it printed at a print shop as an A0 file I’d definitely recommend it, and finally- go slow and have patience.

Some of the details-  As you can see I took a page from a good friend over at Cotton and Grain Sewing Company’s handbook and used zippers as a whole new detail.   I’ve always loved all things zipper and metal related.  I’m definitely a punk rock girl!   For the zipper details I simply just sandwiched them between the layers before sewing for a super cool look.   I also ventured into rivets for the first time!  I got these from Hoopalicious Supply on Etsy.  She was super fast shipping with high quality items and even sent awesome freebees! Check her out for all your rivet and stud needs!  Overall I’m thrilled how all the details meshed together for a pretty awesome overall look.


To wrap this all up-  I’m honestly so proud of myself for not only the way this came together but for not giving up even after seam ripping the 1000th time or remaking the same pocket piece for the 9th time.  Hopefully, I got most of my bad sewjo out with this jacket and it’ll be smooth sailing the rest of the year!  Don’t forget to grab your Dino Trux and Vikings Pre Order at Fabric Anthropology before it closes on March 3rd! Otherwise, you’ll be sorry you missed these pre-order discounts! Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!


P.S.  Here is the other Dino Trux prints!  There is also panels for each Trux.


*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something.  Please check out our disclosure policy for more details*


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