Dreaming of Spring and Secrets


Always about this time of year I get antsy for spring.  It’s hard for me to sew much winter stuff anymore, but here in Oregon we are pretty much full force cold weather clothing until at least May.  So sometimes I just pretend it’s warm and do some spring/summer prep sewing!  Today I bring you my pinterest “Nail”!  Here was my inspiration pin-




It was harder than it looks but I took the Patterns for Pirates Cocoon Cardigan and started hacking away. I had some MAJOR fails…. 26805071_10155893673890309_2928995409080760941_n

It’s okay to laugh,  I couldn’t stop (this is why you always do a muslin)! Finally after some major tweaking I got pretty darn close and I’m in love!!  I didn’t do a full tutorial during this but if anyone really wants it I’ll be making another soon and can get together a hack tutuorial.  Just let me know in the comments if that’s something you’d like!    Now the shorts were pretty straight forward using George and Ginger Heat Wave Hot Pants – A fantastic pattern as always just don’t forget to grade if needed!  I then hunted down a floppy hat from Target and trekked out in the cold and rain to pretend it was spring.  If you ever wondered how I do most of my photos here is a little video ❤



Now for the fabric!  The black sheer stripe I used for the cardigan is a gorgeous lightweight  Rayon Spandex Jersey from Opulent Monsters and is available for retail right now.  Here is the “Secret” part of the post, the shorts fabric!   If you are offended by bad words I wouldn’t look too closely at those pictures but this fabric has some hidden messages ;).   It’s seriously some of the softest Cotton Lycra I’ve felt!  It has a lighter weight feel, perfect for adult items but not flimsy or see through.  I’m not normally a CL lover for myself but I adore this!  You can grab this fun naughty print for pre-order at Opulent Monsters Pre Order starting 2/2!

This whole outfit was a bit out of my comfort zone but I loved how it came together and I hope you did too!  I’ll be back soon as always.   Remember let me know if you want a tutorial!  ❤




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