Angler Off the Shoulder


So I think it’s pretty apparent at this point I love all things related to the sea, as well as skulls and pirates.  I mean, they pretty much all go hand in hand.   That’s why I was super excited at the chance to sew up this awesome print from Fabric Anthropology.  It was my first time sewing for them so I was a tad nervous but so happy with the results!  The colors and detail in this fabric are STUNNING and the quality of this Cotton Lycra is incredible!   Make sure you head on over because it’s retail fabric and goes live at 4pm CST on 1/24- It’s going to move fast!  Also- Is it just me or does that merman look like Jason Momoa in Aquaman?? yes please!!  *heart eyes*

For the Pattern- I finally got the opportunity to try out a pattern hack I’ve been wanting to try!   I used Patterns for Pirates Slim Fit Raglan (although I did widen through the waist for a more relaxed feel)  but you can also use their Relaxed Raglan.  I then followed the pattern hack on their blog Here and it turned out perfectly! For the sleeves and neckband I used Double Brushed Poly and it helped give it the ease you want for an off the shoulder top!  Best part is it’s not falling down it just stays nicely off the shoulder.  I would totally recommend giving it a try!

I also sewed up a pair of Bunzies undies to match from Stitch Upon A Time but I’ll spare you all those photos!  But!! There is a little sneak peek in the pictures of one my next blog posts coming up that I’m really excited for!! Can you find it??  Until next time- May your seas be calm and your sails be full and if your lucky you run into a Merman with the likes of Jason Momoa!


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