Fireside Grommets




Grommets!?  Yes- but don’t be afraid- I made a little video to help explain how to use them- you’ll need them for the new Fireside Sweater that released over at Striped Swallow Designs  today.  It’s full of all the cozy cute comfort you could want. Psst-  Join their facebook group here for a special discount good through Monday, January 22nd at 11:59PM CST

Gorgeous plaid crazy soft Double Brushed Poly??  YEP!  I said DBP!   I have a slight obsession with plaid so I was over the moon to find this super cute fabric from The Fab Clique . It sewed up into the perfect fireside sweater!

Now on to the hammer grommets-  I know they can be a little scary if you’ve never used them.  I definitely avoided them for a long time which I still regret! I made a little video that I hope will help some of you.  I do not have a cell phone tripod and I’m in bad need of a new phone so hopefully it won’t be too painful for you all to watch!   Let me know if you have any questions at all and I hope you enjoy sewing up the fireside as much as I did!



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