Wiggling into Valentine’s Day

So albeit my husband isn’t a huge fan of Valentine’s day- the hopeless romantic in me actually really enjoys it!   We are supposed to actually have a babysitter this year (not for actually valentines day but the weekend before) we prefer fewer crowds 😉  So I wanted to make up a dress to surprise him when we go out.  It’s been awhile since we’ve had any kind of one on one date so I figured it needed to happen!   Insert-  Wiggle.

I got this amazing double brushed poly flocked with velvet fabric from The Fab Clique to sew up and knew it’d be perfect for V-day.  (It’ll be stocking 1/19/18 on the site so keep your eyes peeled)   Now for the pattern- I used Patterns for Pirates Wiggle Dress .  This pattern is like the sisterhood of the traveling pants and seriously looks good on everyone.   Even with that being said I’m pretty self-conscious about it because I’m a very rectangle shape.   After size grading my wiggle pattern turns into essentially a rectangle.  I decided to push those fears aside and go for it because I’m blessed with knowing my hubby loves me for me, rectangle and all.

I’m so glad I pushed past that fear because I really love the finished result and I think he will too!   The velvet flocking gives enough depth to cover any extra lumps this form-fitting dress might have.   I even skipped the shapewear!  Go me!   Best of all- it’s such a fast and easy sew with so many options!  Perfect for beginners, advanced, and everyone in between.  The fabric was also SO easy to work with and sewed up like a dream.   I’m officially ready for v-day almost a whole month early!   So if you are looking for something to knock your significant others socks off I encourage you to give this a try! Everyone shape and size I’ve seen wearing it looks drop dead gorgeous!

Do you celebrate valentines day??  Any questions?? Let me know in the comments and thanks for stopping by!


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