Flower Crown- Go Big or Go Home.

IN LOVE. This project makes my heart happy.   I was picked to sew up this incredible gorgeous print from Knitorious and I about died.  I’ve seen it around but have never had the opportunity to work with it.   I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it and it all came together perfect.  Such a perfect mash between my love for sewing and crafts and my love for photography.    Here is a little look into my process and how I mashed patterns to get this gorgeous A-line silhouette!


First the Dress-   I took the top from Patterns for Pirates Wiggle Dress (which despite looking difficult is very easy and super flattering) and mashed it with Made for Mermaids Mama Mya .

Start by printing out the crop top portion for the wiggle and do any necessary grading for size.   Then print out the lower half (up to the armscye) of the Mama Mya and you are ready to Mash (grading wasn’t necessary here as it’s a much more forgiving fit than the wiggle).

For the front pieces lay your wiggle top on top of your Mya.  Make sure the fold lines line up (red vertical line) and the armscye meet on the same horizontal plane.   I can’t show you full pattern pieces so hopefully you get the point 🙂  IMG_20180114_184625

Then you will grade from about below the bust on the wiggle out to the full skirt of the Mya.  You can see my grade line sketched.


Then cut starting at your skit bottom following that line you graded up to the wiggle and continue to cut the top of the wiggle the same as  you normally would cutting off any extra Mya pieces.  There you have it- your front pattern piece.

The back is almost the same steps except the wiggle is generally two pieces for the back. (which you can still do if you’d like but  I wanted to make it to be one piece to show the print better)  So I just took the seam allowance off the top of the wiggle pattern by overlapping it .5 inch off of the fold line- once again matching the armscyes.   You can see it’s slightly angled so I ended up giving myself a little extra room through the underbust.  Cut off that overlap so you just have the “fold line” from Mama Mya.


I graded just like I did the front and made sure my front and back curves matched.  Then cut it out as one big pattern piece like I did for the front as well.

You’ll then assemble the pattern like you would normally for the wiggle just omitting the back seam.  It never hurts to give yourself a little grace with this as it’s always easier to take in than to let out.  Different fabrics will give you a different look as well.   I used cotton lycra for this one.  Sew it all together and Boom- you have a dress!

On to the flower crown!  This was my first flower crown and I did a little researching and originally set out to make my own from scratch.   I meandered around Joanns for a bit wondering if I could pull of the big flowers (I really didn’t think I could, but after convincing from some amazing seamstress friends they all said “Go big or go home!”)  So I went big!

I also decided to cheat and used a pre-made crown and just added to it!  Hey whatever saves time and sanity right!?   The look on my husband face when I finally resurfaced from Joanns with a giant bag of flowers was pretty priceless.

I settled in after trying explain flower crowns and their necessity to my husband and grabbed some wire clippers- my trusty glue stick and just started adding pieces. This is what I ended up with only 3 burnt fingers later! IMG_20180112_212844923.jpg


Now the fun part!  I trudged through a squishy muddy nature reserve with my handy dandy tripod and clicker and made some magic happen!  The stars must have aligned because that background was perfection! ( yes it was cold)


And here is your Magic!  A beautiful off the shoulder a-line dress perfect for spring and summer! I can’t wait to make more in different fabric types!   Let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments or by email and thanks again for reading!



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