Sweater, Pleather, & Chickens

Sometimes an idea pops in your head-  Pinterest inspired?  Maybe.   But when I saw these two fabrics  I instantly knew what they needed to be.   Now majority of the time when this happens it doesn’t come to fruition but this time… this time I won.  I’m so thrilled how this came out!  Go easy on me as I wasn’t planning on blogging this so it’s a quick and dirty tutorial with not the prettiest of photos but it may help you?


I used 4 way stretch pleather from the The Fab Clique for the moto pants and used the  Patterns for Pirates SOS pants  with a minor hack.   Essentially I cut my pattern like normal and then pleated a large square of pleather  (enough for both pattern pieces)  IMG_20180105_211313394.jpg


From there I determined the shape of my moto pleat I wanted and cut that from the pattern piece so I then had 3 pieces.


I then used the moto piece to cut out the shape from my pleather full leg pieces (cutting it into two pieces was scary) and my pleated moto piece. (don’t forget to add your seam allowances)   Then you sew them all together!  IMG_20180105_230335592.jpg

Now you just follow the pattern as instructed!    Full disclosure I picked the wrong size and lack any sort of booty ( backside or pirate booty) so I had some editing to do! IMG_20180106_001823821_TOP.jpg

I also took out the faux fly because I wanted more of a legging look and boom!  Pants!



On to the top!  The Patterns for Pirates Rag Doll top is one of my favorites for a comfy slightly oversized and potentially off the shoulder top.   I used the banded shirt with open back option for a little added sexiness 😉  (Tip- if you fall between sizes- size down)   The premium sweater knit from The Fab Clique was perfect and so easy to work with-  Great if you are beginner with sweater knit!   (You can find it here) I followed all instructions for this and it came out amazing.  Finished product below for your viewing pleasure!  Don’t be surprised if you see me outside in the real world and I’m wearing this exact outfit!

Thanks for joining me- if you have any questions post them in the comment section or contact me.  Signing off to wrangle some Krackens for bedtime! ❤  (Photo bombing chickens are named Thor and Captain America)


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